1. Medina County Office for Older Adults (age 60 and over eligible)

Transportation-Photo1.jpgProvides fully subsidized curb-to-curb services that you will arrange with Medina County Transit at least 2 weeks ahead of time. The number to call is 330-723-9670. Please confirm your transit one day ahead of time. The orange identification card is used to identify you as an Office for Older Adults subsidized rider.

Trips subsidized include:

· Medical Appointments
· Mental Health Appointments
· Social Service Agencies, by appointment
· Public Benefits Agencies, by appointment

$1 donation suggested for all trips.

Bus passes are available for once per week transportation to grocery stores, drug stores, banks, senior centers, and nutrition sites. Please call Office for Older Adults for details.

Additionally, Medina County Office for Older Adults subsidizes all loop fares for the City of Medina, City of Brunswick and the City of Wadsworth Medina County Transit Bus Loops. Simply go through our agency's transit assessment to obtain an orange identification card. This card is your identification to receive free loop rides.....enjoy!

2. Elderly and Disabled Program (age 65 and older or disabled)

Provided through Medina County Transit, Applications can be obtained from transit (or MCOOA) and returned to transit. If you are 65 years of age or older, you do not need to have to complete a doctor’s form as part of the application, you can send it in with proof of age (or our Outreach Worker’s signature). If you are under 65 and disabled, you are also eligible for this program and your doctor will have to fill out a form. This program provides for a ½ price fare for curb-to-curb service, or $2.00 each way. These are for non-subsidized trips.

3. Consolidated Transportation Subsidy (age 65 or over or disabled)

Provided through Community Action. This program provides an additional subsidy to those individuals who have already been approved for the ELDERLY AND DISABLED PROGRAM and meet financial qualifications. The funds are limited, but provide individuals with bus loop tokens or ride passes that bring the cost of curb-to-curb service down to zero. Tokens and passes can be obtained through Community Action of Wayne and Medina Counties, 330-723-2229. These are for non-subsidized trips.

4. *NEW* Veterans Transportation Subsidy

Starting July 1, 2018, the Medina County Veterans Service Office will be providing free transportation through Medina County Public Transportation for all veterans, regardless of frequency or reason. To activate this benefit, you will need to obtain a Medina County Veterans ID. These IDs are available at the Medina County Recorder's Office, 144 N. Broadway Street, Medina, Ohio. You will need a photo ID and your original or a certified copy of your DD-214. This benefit takes the place of all other transportation subsidies as it is more comprehensive. It is available to veterans only, not spouses. Once the proper ID is received, just call Medina County Public Transit to arrange your ride or show the ID to the driver for free loop trips.

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